Field General

UI/UX, Digital Design Internship

Logos & Branding, Printed Media, UI/UX, Prototyping, Web Design, Motion Design, Demo Videos, Social Media

I worked on UI/UX for the app, Field General, during a 10 month internship. I worked for a local startup based out of Starting Block, a coworking space just a few blocks from the Wisconsin state capitol.

Because it was a small startup, I needed to wear many different hats and work on all kinds of design projects for the company. I used Adobe Xd for prototyping and mockups. For video projects I worked in After Effects, Audition and Illustrator.

Project Overview

App Overview - Logo & Branding - Mobile - UI Design
- Mockups to Code
- Motion Design

App Overview

How many times a day do you ask where your team and assets are? It wastes your time, their time, & gets on your team’s nerves.

Never ask that question again. Field General tracks the location of users, assets and teams on a map, and pins tasks right to the map so you can see what needs to be done and where. Now your teams can just pull out Field General to see exactly what needs to be done right on your map.


Library UI Redesign

Branding, Web and Mobile layout, Product Design

Libraries are organized, fun, and offer many possibilities to learn. Their online experience should be no different. This redesign brings the library website into the 21st century.

Feels: fun // colorful // modern

Making the Field General Logo

Feels: bold, trustworthy, straightforward, non-techy

The logo depicts how Field General gives you better communication and command of your team in the field. The first digital sketches were explorations of different ways to visually combine messaging and being in command.

Top logo options

Final logo

The company liked the uniqueness of the logo with the badge inside the message box, so I fine-tuned it so it could work on both light and dark backgrounds and at many different sizes.

Final version with a stacked and wide width, and a white version for dark or colored backgrounds.

Logo Animation

Mobile UI

Splash Screen

Login Page

Sidebar Menu

Project Page with pins and task cards

Main Page

The main page is the starting point to view tasks in the app. From this page, you can open the sidebar, see tasks on the map, and view your project feed. Tasks are sorted into "complete," "incomplete" and "my tasks."

From mockup to code

On the left is a mockup I created in Adobe Xd. On the right is what it looks like in code, after I handed it off to the developers.


I made some short videos for Facebook ads and longer product demo videos for the website.
Sound was edited in Adobe Audition. View one of the demo videos here.

Watch video