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Ward Brodt is a full-service musical instrument store that has offered repairs, rentals and more to music lovers in Wisconsin for almost 100 years. They have a long history of music experience that shows in every little thing they do.

Ward Brodt gives musicians the instruments they need to show their passion for music, jam out, and take center stage.

Feels:  confident  |  rustic  |   dependable

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The Process

  • Research the brand
  • Conduct Website Design Audit
  • Identify Problems
  • Wireframe
  • Create style sheet
  • Final Design


  • User didn't know where to look first
  • Text and items had very little size contrast
  • Pages are too text heavy
  • Footer has an information overload
  • Navigation is confusing
  • Visuals don't speak to their brand and have issues with contrast


  • Hero image with bold type gives the user a clear option from the start
  • Improve text size contrast for easier reading
  • Add breathing room around the sections
  • Narrowed down the footer to important information and improved the scale contrast to make it easier to take it all in
  • Created a new navigation that is easier to understand and know where to go for a certain product or service
  • Display instruments visuals as large photos with bold type
  • Create uniform box size for displaying instruments on the product screen and cart to give the site a uniform feel